Saturday links…

Mexico’s Bicentennial

over-valuing education (very good read!)

“Check out Geoff Surratt (executive pastor at Seacoast) at The Nines as he talks about his world getting turned upside down once discovering Missional Communities. He starts talking about it around the 1:48 mark on the video…”

Quit living someone else’s life!
Toward the end of his life, Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw was asked what person in history he would most like to have been. He responded by saying he would most like to have been the George Bernard Shaw he might have become but never did.

Know your city – Remember the Poor

…the importance of leadership, but acknowledges that leadership isn’t the only thing that matters.

In general, my experience conforms with that of Warren Bennis, perhaps the preeminent leadership expert, when he says, “Leadership accounts for, at the very best, 15 percent of the importance of any organization.”

Will “Radical” Christianity Have Any Effect on the American Church?
Over-sized mansions, super-sized French fries, and sport utility vehicles. These are the marks of contemporary America, and we’re proud of them…

The Myth of Preperation

It’s party time!

Kingdom without borders

Why jazz is more interesting than bowling


Apologetics in a Post-modern world


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