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Racism and the Death of David Bosch

California Budget Gap May Reach $28.1 Billion Over 18 Months, Brown Says I thought just 6 months ago, they filled in the budget gap of something like $15 billion ??!! They did, kind of….but now this.

What is common grace?
The doctrine of common grace helps us to acknowledge God’s goodness in all of creation and enables us to pursue mission with love in a fallen world. – Tim Keller

‘Black Swan’ Director Darren Aronofsky on the Brutality of Ballet

great thoughts on leadership
The following is a quote from this. (in my experience I see people & experienced communities at both of the following extremes. For some reason, so few – actually fall in the ‘sweet-spot’ of leadership. We like to go to the extremes of one leader holding all of the power, or to the other extreme – where we want everyone to agree on all of our decisions…)

I think sound leadership is crucial and always present in healthy churches. It’s sometimes hard to notice leadership until you find yourself somewhere where it’s very bad, or where there is none. I’ve seen churches that are dominated by a charismatic leader who holds the key to everything in the church. But I’ve also seen churches so eager to “democratize” all their practices, that no one is willing to make a decision or take responsibility for it. I think much of our modern-day distaste for the word “authority” colors our perception of the role of leadership in the church. But I think the Bible explicitly and implicitly acknowledges how crucial leadership is.

Politics & Culture

Yes, Caleb & I cannot wait to see this movie…

Lowest Percent in 27-Year History Use Credit Cards Over Thanksgiving Weekend

this is how I can feel at times…You will be misunderstood

Reports and Video from Lausanne

New research from the Barna Group concludes that only 5 percent of Christians are held accountable by their church for integrating biblical beliefs into their life. It seems most churches are all bark and no bite.
HT: out of ur

my good friend Matt, suggested (tongue in cheek of course) that we do this for a worship song at Kairos 🙂 — it is called (I kid you not…) “The Holy Ghost Hokie Pokie”

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