About me

My name is Gregory and I was born and raised in Minnesota, but currently live (hopefully till the end of my days) — in the fabulous city of Los Angeles. I’m married to the incredibly talented artist Michelle, and have two phenomenal kids; Caleb – who wants to play professional soccer in the English Premier league, and Elisabeth – who is an aspiring actress.

I love to watch films with my wife, explore new neighborhoods in Los Angeles, hang out with my kids, and watch, play or have anything to do with soccer.

I work with a church-plant in Hollywood called Kairos. In this setting, and as a follower of Jesus — I love to communicate the reality of god’s kingdom to people in LA, and be involved in helping mobilize and equip people in Hollywood to contribute their time and resources to the cause of mercy and justice in the city.


5 responses to “About me

  • Lee

    I am a 61 year old retired Police Chaplain who a year and a half became a church planter. We have started a new church in a local mall that meets on Tuesday evenings and has a focus group of police and fire personnel and their families. I enjoyed finding your blog site and will watch it with great interest.
    Thanks and keep the faith.

  • eileenleyva

    Thanks for the video of Arnel Pineda. He is my countryman but only attained fame and recognition when he got to your homeland. We are very proud of him.
    I liked the laptop purchase clip. Now I have an idea how the young girls in LA act and live.
    A friend once told me that your city is literally full of angels. Safe journey then.

  • heartscape

    I was sent to your March 24, 1007 thoughts by a reference at the end of my own latest blog entry. You were reflecting on Bill Hybels’ book “Courageous Leadership” and so much of what you shared hit home. The service we had at my own church on Pentecost this year was so profound I had to write about it. You might resonante: heartscape.wordpress.com

    I’ll be back to check in with you and your progress with all things sacred in LA.

  • Jeff

    Hey Greg,

    This may be the strangest comment left on your blog, but here goes anyways…

    I found your blog looking for an Ivan Illich quote, and intrigued by the titled, looked to find out more.

    My wife, son, and I will be moving to L.A. from Michigan in January to serve with Enterprise International (a division of Church Resource Ministries), and alongside InnerCHANGE LA. We’re moving to the Pico Union area, but because of the nature of rentals in the barrio, won’t be able to set up housing until we arrive.

    We were hoping to stay with friends at the Nehemiah House (a ministry of EV Free LA in Pico Union) while we look for housing, but they are booked up in January.

    We have friends in Laguna Hills who have space for us to stay, but we’re hoping to find somewhere closer to Pico Union.

    If you know of anyone close to downtown who might be willing to put up a few temporarily homeless missionaries, we’d be greatly appreciative!

    You can check out our blog for more info, and/or email me at jeff.elzinga@crmleaders.org.

    If nothing else, I’d love to hear more about Kairos!

    Grace & Peace,

    Jeff Elzinga

  • jenny scarchilli (Lightfoot)

    hello, I am actually writing to say hello to Michelle. We knew each other back in 2000 in Arizona and I use to go to the Rock in Minneapolis. Give her my e-mail would ya?

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